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About us:
Ocoee Inn was established in 1936 and is located in Southeast Tennessee on Lake Ocoee. We offer guided whitewater rafting trips, lakeside cabin rentals, lakeside lodging, pontoon and fishing boat rentals and boat slips for boats ranging in size from fishing up to house boats. Ocoee Inn continues to provide a destination for outdoor adventure seekers in a family friendly atmosphere.

About the Area:
Parksville Lake, also known as Lake Ocoee, was formed between 1910 and 1911 as a result of the construction and completion of Ocoee Dam No. 1, which stands 135 feet high.  The Parksville Reservoir, located completely within the Cherokee National Forest, provides approximately 109 miles of shoreline and 1,930 acres of water surface.  Parksville is popular to many because the lake level fluctuates only 8 feet between summer and winter seasons.  Because all property on the reservoir is owned by the National Forest, shoreline development has been held to a minimum. There are a few recreational leases around the lake which account for the cabins seen from the road and by water.  

The Ocoee Dams, known as No.’s 1-3, were built to produce hydroelectric power.  Dams 1 & 2, built by a private power company between 1910 and 1913, were among the first hydroelectric projects in the Tennessee Valley.  Ocoee Dam No. 3 was built by TVA during W.W. II.  Today TVA releases water from Ocoee No. 3 to provide rafters & kayakers alike some challenging whitewater (known as the Upper Ocoee River) including the 1 mile stretch where the 1996 Olympics were held.  Ocoee No. 2 provides challenging whitewater for what is known as the Middle Ocoee made up of nearly 5 miles of Class I-IV rapids. .

There is a bald eagle's nest near the ranger station on Lake Ocoee.  At times during the spring and summer the eagle and its offspring can be seen flying around the lake.

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